She Took 7 Pregnancy Tests, Then Doctors Discovered The Horrifying Truth.


Louise Bryant lived with terrible health complications for more than three months. Doctors also kept on worrying what was actually going inside her until they identified the truth. And fortunately, she is fine now.

Louise (25) had a severe lower abdomen pain initially. It left her with many problems like abnormal bleeding, back pain, frequent urination, loss of appetite, etc. Just to be sure, her husband suggested her to have a pregnancy test. The result came negative. When her illness kept on getting serious, they went to the doctor and were suggested to take a pregnancy test once more. Again the result appeared negative. Her ‘not declining complications’ left doctors baffled. They prescribed her several medicines and treatments but couldn’t discover what was wrong. They again offered her a pregnancy test. In the end, Louise took total seven pregnancy tests.

Finally after three months of observation and medication, doctors identified a shocking truth. An ultrasound showed Louise had a football size tumor growing inside her lower stomach. Doctors removed the tumor successfully after four hours long operation.


She had seven pregnancy tests in three months.

When she had pain in lower abdomen initially, Louise took a pregnancy test, result came negative.

When she consulted doctors, they suggested her for another pregnancy test. Again the result was negative.

Finally after biopsy, doctors found she had a rare type of ovarian tumor. She underwent a successful surgery.

Immature ovarian teratoma is especially diagnosed among woman in their early twenties.

Louise with her husband. The incident did not affect her fertility.
Louise stood brave during her terrible days. Her story encourages women not to loose hope and patience if something is not going right.


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