British Couple’s Son Was Swapped With Darker-Skinned Baby. What Happened To Real Baby Is Horrifying!


Our baby was swapped at birth’, this is the statement given by the British couple who believe that their biological child has been switched with dark skin child by the hospital staff. This was revealed when the father Briton Richard Cushworth gone through the DNA test which proved that he is not his son. According to them, their real child was fairer and had lighter skin tone. They waited for three months before having test.

The couple is now accusing the hospital staff for soldiing their son to human trafficers. Dr Alejandro Guidos is areested and the investigation is going on.

It’s definitely a nightmare for any parent!

Meet Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas, who has recently got to know that the child in this picture is not actually theirs. They got to know this with a help of DNA test. Ms Casanellas said: ‘We haven’t been able to sleep thinking about where he is, and who has him..’

This is the couple’s biological son, just after the birth!

She gave her child birth in the hospital of San Salvador. The hospital staff who gave the child to their parents gave the wrong child who was darker and looked nothing like her or her husband.

Mr Cushworth and Ms Casanellas are afriad that their child has been sold to human traffickers.

The couple feared that their biological child has been sold to human traffickers by the hospital staff. Mr Cushworth said, ‘We just want them to give us our son back.’

Dr Alejandro Guidos is under arrest!

Dr Alejandro Guidos got arrested on Thursday by the police in case of ‘baby swap’.

He is their biological son’s picture.

When she gave birth to the child, she immediately was given an anaesthetic but when she woke up, the hospital staff changed the baby and a different baby was given to her.

The couple’s story to go El Salvador to give the birth to their son.

To give birth to their son, they returned to El Salvador, the place where they met.

Centro Ginecologico is the hospital!

The staff of the hospital Centro Ginecologico has been accused by the couple for swapping their fair-skinned child for another boy with darker skin.

According to them, pictures show that their child was white skinned!


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