7 Things Every Girl Hates In Bed. #7 Will Get You A Tight Slap


Girls can be quite specific about what they want during the love making with their significant other. However, they rarely say anything about it as they are obviously shy about it. Hence, it is the job of the male in the relationship to understand the particular needs of his girl.

Now, I am not here to tell you about what your girl likes in bed. Rather, I will discuss the specifics of what she hates with burning loathe.

1: To be clear, this is not a very pleasant situation.

No one wants to be poked the wrong way.

2: Please do not use your teeth for removing her undergarments.

You might think it is very sensual but she might be shuddering for very different reasons.

3: You really want to try out the new move you learned from a movie earlier?

Not such a good idea. You might succeed. However, there is a rare chance of it. The movies have several takes to get it right. You will only get one chance. Hence, your stakes are high, choose wisely.

4: Don’t use a prop for satisfaction. Use your fingers, instead.

Getting something stuffed inside her is a recipe for disaster.

5: Pulling her hair for satisfying her will only lead to epic failure.

No one likes to get their hair scratched.

6: Please, take care of your personal hygiene.

A bad breath and dirty hands are all you need to repulse her.

7: Spanking may sound like a good idea at first but it might go downhill very quickly.

Getting beaten up? No thanks.


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