This Is What Women Want On Bed But They Never Tell You!


Since the ancient times, the sexuality of humans, especially females is the topic of extensive curiosity. The secretive and shy nature of females make the researches and studies even more difficult. Men have always been bold and straightforward about it, it was the other side of the story missing. Even though women today have embraced their sexuality and are also open about it, yet the social stigma surrounding them have led to incomplete understanding.

In this age of technology, Kindara came up with an innovative idea for the same. They used a fertility awareness app to survey the sexual lifestyle and other factors of more than 500 women. They found some truly amazing statistics, which reflected on the biological and psychological nature of womanhood irrespective of any conditions.

They believe making love is important

In a relationship, love making is important, 89.2% of women agreed over it, ranging from very to somewhat but important none-the-less.

Many want more then even men

53.2% women wanted more action than they were getting from their partners. Less than half of them were actually satisfied.

Need numbers? That would be 3-4 times a week.

Oh yes! 60.8% is the count of votes. And amazingly enough, 10.2% required even more than that, up to 7-8 times a week to meet the needs. Buckle up boys!

Emotions and foreplay are the rocket fuels to go sky high

A connection of minds and hearts is required to have strong physical bonds and pleasures backed by 53.2% data and foreplay being the real fuel is agreed upon by 23.6% of women. 10.4% also made communication the X-factor.

Every once in a while, rockets do touch skies

72.6% had an orgasm at least once while making love. And breaking it down further, 23.8% have it often and 10.2% even have multiple orgasms.

The only real culprit is stress

Stress is the killer of love, 39.2% backing, being out of sync with each other, 28.2% and 20% each for not-in-mood and struggling with self-image. The rest are just unstoppable by anything which is 18%, quite a number actually.


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