This Transsexual Man Discovers He Is Pregnant Two Weeks After Gender Treatment


It’s often asked to women about the feeling of giving birth or carrying a baby in your womb? But, no one has ever thought that they could have the opportunity of asking the same question to a man too. Why would anyone think so? After all, God has created the life cycle in a way that says a man can never give birth to a new life.

But, friends, I have a story of a transsexual man who became pregnant and changed our overall psychology. Have a look at the surprising story of the man and his boyfriend. Believe me, it’s damn interesting.

Meet 19-year-old Henry Steinn, from Iceland.

Henry decided to go with a gender reassignment surgery in the year 2014.

When the teenager was going through hormone treatment..

..he was declared to be pregnant, carrying a baby of his boyfriend, Thorir Leo Petursson. It was not less than any miracle, and the news gave him more hopes to become a woman.

Henry and his boyfriend Thorir were together since February last year.

He said- ‘Everyone around here knows of course about my life choices, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t experienced any prejudice so far.’

During the duration of nine months..

..Henry wore his boyfriend’s clothes and avoided wearing those pregnancy dresses available in the market.


..when the baby girl has been born, he is completing all his roles as a mother, even breastfeeding his daughter. At the same time, he has planned to continue with his sex change operation which was stopped in between his pregnancy.

The couple is busy parenting the baby girl..

and has decided to give her all the freedoms when grown.

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