10 Wrong Things all Guys Do When They Masturbate


There are no rules for masturbation. Every guy goes for it the way he finds relaxing and enjoyable. But there are certain right ways to do masturbation. It’s a fact that sex is a human need and so is the case of masturbation for guys. You do it whenever you feel the need.

It’s important for all the guys to know the mistakes they make during this particular job. Avoiding these wrong things will make your masturbation better and more fun. Here are the 10 most common wrong things every guy does while masturbating.

Masturbating in public is really a bad habit. Do yourself a favor and avoid it next time you do. Keeping it personal and in isolation makes you feel better. Many guys never care about their surrounding but going private will be a lot better option.

There are so many guys going after rough masturbation. Believe me, it’s harmful. Without any lubricants, you increase the chances of skin irritation. Try lotion or such other lubricants are good enough to get started.

Masturbating without enjoying it is useless. You do it for pleasure and release stress. When you are masturbating, don’t focus on your orgasm. Enjoy the moment and extend your time.

Going fast is not the right way at all. Many guys have the orgasm quickly because they rush instead going slow. Quick orgasm contributes to immature ejaculation. Take a control of it and build the habit of going slow.

The same old technique is boring. Get creative. Make you’re masturbating more enjoyable with the change of hand, lotions, lubricants and the routine as well. The best way is to masturbate with your partner. Using more pressure and speed works pretty well for a new experience.

Making masturbating your need is the worst thing, guys do. Too frequent masturbation keeps you away from doing other things. You lose focus and it becomes an addiction. If the only thing done during the whole day is self-satisfaction, this is not good.

Watching porn all day is not a wise choice at all. Ok, masturbating is your need but don’t make it your only priority. Come out of this concept and focus on other necessary jobs as well.

Masturbating when you are tired is harmful. Not only does it affect your health, it also creates a sense of doubt about your erection. Many times you are tired and want to jerk off, hold on guys. It will bring down your testosterone level. Do it when you are in a good mood and can enjoy it maximum.

You’ve got to be a stupid to jack a dry one. Use proper lubrication when masturbating. A rough masturbation can cause minor skin irritation.

Most of the men have the orgasm very quickly because they go too fast. This can contribute to premature ejaculation. To stop this act, you need to slow things down.


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