The Mexican Illustrator Shows That Living Alone Can Be Amazing


The Mexican illustrator, Idalia Kandelas designs pictures that show a woman who lives all alone in her home or apartment has an amazing and fantastic life. Only she knows that how to enjoy or feel the single moment of pleasure. We really feel sorry for those who live by themselves but who said they are always unhappy and lonely. They also enjoy some moments of life. Here are some pictures in which the Mexican illustrator shows that how fantastic it can be to live all alone by yourself.

1. You can sleep wherever you are, and also wakes up whenever you want to be wake up. All bed is yours. Strech yourself sweetly as long as you like.

2. You can hang out with your bed. Toss, roll, and turn as long as you like, the whole bed is yours.

3. You can go to the bathroom without shutting the door, enjoy your bath with some cool music on high volume, walk and dance around naked.

4. Wearing off your clothes wherever you like even while cooking, you can take off your shirt anytime, anywhere in your house.

5. Enjoy your quiet time and peace with coffee and also think about something important.

6. You can enjoy your evening with your bed and be having a cup of coffee. Because it’s your bed and your rules.

7. You can think quietly something about yourself.

8. You can lie down wherever you want to be, and read your favorite book in any position you want. No body would be there to judge you.


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