Don’t Miss This Eye-Opening Story If Your Kid Is Kissed By Visitors



According to the World Health Organization, the herpes virus, short for herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is not only transmitted through intercourse, but can also be emitted through cold sores, saliva and area around the mouth and lips. Most of the infections arise during childhood and herpes virus is among one of them. Babies are more prone to severe damage when they are infected.

Would be mother

Claire Henderson from Doncaster, U.K. read an article on dangers of cold sores in babies when she was four months pregnant.

Mother’s love for her baby

The information of the article was proved right for Claire’s month-old daughter Brooke when she observed something unusual during feeding.

Baby is in Extreme Pain

Brooke was suffering from sores in the back of her throat and on her lips. Claire immediately took her to the hospital.

Condition betters

According to the doctors, if she would have been left untreated, it could have spread easily. This could have worsened the condition.

She is perfect now

Claire posted her experience on Facebook for making other parents aware of the virus. And she also made visitors understand the importance of not kissing the new one for the first few months.


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